Stay safe with iOS 11 – Privacy and Security Settings

Theft of mobile phones and tablets is at an all-time high, and if you use your phone for business, it might hold sensitive information. Apple has added some privacy and security settings in its latest iOS update. Follow the seven steps below to protect the confidential information on your iPhone.


Upgrade the pin on your lock screen

Still using the same four-digit pin code, you also use for your home alarm and debit card? In “Settings” – “Touch ID & Passcodes,” you can set a six digit pin or a custom alphanumeric password. The best password is a mix of numbers and letters, avoid something easily guessable (like “password1”).


Limit home screen access

While you are still in “Settings” – “Touch ID & Passcodes” you can go to “Allow Access When Locked.” This lets you disable Wallet, Recent Notifications and Siri when the phone is locked.


Two Factor Authentication

You can now protect your Apple ID with two-factor authentication. No one will be able to access your Apple ID without a code that is sent to your phone. Go to “Settings” – “Apple ID” – “Password & Security” you can turn on Two Factor Authentication.


Turn on “Find my iPhone”

Go to “Settings” – “Apple ID” – “Device Info” and turn on “Find My iPhone” in the case you might forget your phone in a taxi or restaurant. While in “Find My iPhone” turn on “Send Last Location,” your phone will send you its location when the battery is critically low.



Auto-lock might be a little annoying, but it is an essential security setting to help protect your information. In “Settings” – “Display & Brightness” you will find Auto-Lock. You can set your phone to lock itself between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Choose the shortest amount of time you don’t find annoying.



In “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Location Services” you can choose what apps track your location all the time, only when you are using the app or never.


Privacy Settings for Safari

Go to “Settings” and scroll until you find “Safari.” Turn on “Block Pop-ups,” “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and “Ask Websites Not To Track Me.” This will protect you from websites which are tracking you, as well as overly aggressive advertisers.


For iPhone X users

You can disable face & touch ID by squeezing the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time.


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