Law firms are adopting new technology quicker than most other industries.

Your time is worth money. Running without interruption is very demanding on computer networks and security cannot be a second thought.

Computer networks and security are also of high importance for document collaboration, teleconferencing and mobile devices.

Next Digital's customized solution for law firms provides safety and security with regularly scheduled backups onsite and offsite, as well as cybersecurity training. Building knowledge of the proper procedures can make the difference between having your network ransomed or not. Continuing training makes sure your current and new staff are in tune with current threats and how to mitigate them.

Our legal-specific Helpdesk knows your tools and your language, so you can work more efficiently.

Our flat-fee structure gives you the peace of mind that your network is working when you are. Our 24x7 remote support and our proactive monitoring mitigate any future problems.

Next Digital supplies you:

  • Mapping and support for all your IT infrastructure and end user devices
  • Support for all software you need for your law firm to be more productive
  • AI backed security with ransomware protection
  • Legal industry specific helpdesk
  • End-user training

No two businesses are the same, so neither are our solutions.

We learn about your business by spending time with you and your business. From there, we work with you to customize the right package for your business needs. Next, we follow up at regular intervals for check-ups, updates and maintenance.

We’d like to work with you.
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