More than ever, there are new opportunities in the construction industry to take advantage of advances in network technology.

These new resources increase productivity, minimize mistakes, lower operating costs and enhance the building experience.

Now more than any time before, if you are looking into a construction site you'll find somebody holding a tablet. The use of tablets, such as iPads and Microsoft Surfaces are quickly becoming a common tool for superintendents on job sites.

Tablets connected to the Cloud are fast becoming the preferred choice, with blueprints, field documents, and other relevant information at your fingertips. The software keeps everything organized, such as building permits. Software is also being used to help construction managers and architects collaborate, often in real time.

Cloud technology has opened up new possibilities for construction companies. Next Digital's solution for the construction industry is cloud-based, allowing for instant communication between offices and sites. Cloud also provides greater freedom and ease of access. Regular offsite backups make sure your files are always safe and up to date.

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