Next Digital takes a hands-on approach to IT consulting. Our technicians visit our office and get to know you and your technology and technical solutions tailored to your needs.

At Next Digital, we take a hands-on approach to IT consulting

Our Managed IT Services offer clients an easy way to remain technologically efficient while staying in touch with new trends. Our onsite support keeps us informed about your needs, so you get better service.

Our Managed IT Service puts our technicians in your office so that you get the best results for your business.

Yes, you’ll still have unlimited remote technical support for those days when your technology starts acting up, but with a designated amount of onsite time every month, you’ll have a technician who will get to know you, your office, and your needs.

Managed IT Service includes:

  • Dedicated IT professionals who visit your office regularly to ensure your IT needs are being addressed and who speak in a language you can understand and ultimately not over complicate things
  • When you're with Next Digital, you're backed by our full team of dedicated experienced IT pros that can provide everything from simple requests to major projects
  • Unlimited remote technical support to resolve issues without racking up hours and hours of extra billable time
  • 24/7 proactive and real-time monitoring of your network and workstations to keep your team online, safe, and productive
  • Optional threat protection for all computers and servers that are monitored by our Network Operations Center
  • Aggressive threat mitigation services to protect interests when a major vulnerability is exposed
  • Annual review and long-term IT planning with regular meetings that can include IT checklists, fiscal budgetary recommendations, and 12-month ever-greening schedule as required
  • Preventative maintenance for those on-going updates and patching to software and equipment that provide the highest levels of security and stability for your organization
  • Active equipment and software tracking (make, model, serial number, warranty, license keys, assigned to, etc.)
  • Documentation is often overlooked within many organizations, but we take pride in this area as we feel this is a crucial element to the success of our IT service delivery, so we create detailed documentation, backed by powerful reporting tools, for everything on your network

It's the human way to do IT

Our plan results in a predictable monthly IT expenditure with regular reporting and a preferred hourly rate if your designated monthly onsite time is exceeded.

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