Bringing You IT Confidence

Even if you’ve been disappointed in the past

Do you dread dealing with IT?

Want the confidence of knowing your business is secure, operating safely, and efficiently with all the latest tools
and technology?

We Get It

You are way more valuable in other parts of your business. Your time is best spent growing the business, and every moment you take to deal with IT issues is valuable time lost.

You have a dream to build, a business to manage and we just want to help you get there.

Our goal is to build trust and confidence with IT. We are aware of the stigmas, and mistrust surrounding our industry and it’s our goal to change that.

Our Approach Includes

Personalized Service
You will have a client experience manager whose role is dedicated to ensuring your experience is professional and exceptional.
Custom Solutions
We don’t want to sell you cookie cutter solutions. We want to get to know your business and make recommendations that suit your needs and budget.
Forward Thinking
As your business grows, your needs will change. This is why we focus on getting to know your business so we can lay the foundation not just for where your business is today but where you want to go.
Holistic Approach
We review all aspects of your business to ensure you are prepared and secure from all perspectives including technology, insurance and employee training.
Whether you have an internal IT team or not we consider ourselves an extension of your team and will create a structure to best support your business.
Personable IT
We skip the tech jargon and have real people explain IT in a way that’s easy to understand. So you know what you’re paying for.
Filling Gaps in IT

Regardless of your business these pillars guide how we do business with our clients

We work with companies of all sizes, across various industries to fill IT gaps. Whether you have an internal team in place or not. We find our best fit is usually with companies who are experiencing one of the following scenarios:

Outgrown IT Capacity

You are a growing company with increasing IT needs. Perhaps you have a small internal IT team or you are handling it on your own. Either way, your internal resources can no longer meet your needs. You want reliable IT support that will take care of your needs now and in the future. You don’t necessarily want to know how everything works but you want to be assured that if any issues arise your IT partner will be responsive and reliable.

Unhappy With Your Current Provider

There are lots of great IT service companies out there, but like any working relationship it’s about finding the right fit. You’ve likely been burned in the past and are having a hard time trusting and understanding the value IT brings. You want an IT partner that is reliable, responsive and will give you personalized service. You’re tired of the headaches and just want to focus on getting back to doing your job.

Internal IT Issues

Maybe you don’t have an internal IT team in place, or someone just abruptly left. The internal processes are unorganized and chaotic. No one seems to know where to find anything or who to call and the current IT setup is not adequate. You need someone to come in and create a proper setup and put processes into place.
How We Work

Our Process is Simple

We work with clients who were in the same position as you. From our experience their situations typically don’t fix themselves until someone is brought in to help. This is where we come in.

Let’s chat! Regardless of your situation we can almost guarantee you we’ve dealt with it before.
Once we understand your business, we will build you a custom recommendation to support your business today and in the future.
We will execute the plan we agree on. We handle the IT so you can get back to what’s important.

We work with everyone from start-ups to enterprise level organizations. We currently support clients in professional services including legal, finance, health care, retail, automotive, real estate, environmental, energy, oil and gas and not for profit. Regardless of your industry we can build a plan to support you. We’ve built our business on relationships, and this is why we put such an emphasis on service and our commitments to our clients. We guarantee we can change your mind about IT.

Thinking Your Company Has Been Breached?

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The IT landscape is Changing

Our Suite of Services

With recent events, many of you probably experienced your IT needs changing or increasing. That’s because IT is being included in more high level conversations each day. As we begin to settle into this “new normal” the IT demands will change as well. IT is being more integrated into building structures, security, remote work setup, cyber protection, customer traffic flow, property surveillance, and much more. As our work environments change and the standards and regulations for public spaces tighten we will see more needs arise. We are committed to staying on top of the latest developments and solutions to become your IT partner for the future.

Managed IT Services
Have the confidence to work remotely with the latest technology and tools. You’ll have access to unlimited remote assistance for those days technology starts acting up and regularly scheduled check ins to ensure we are on top of internal changes and changing needs.
The equipment and services chosen for your environment shouldn't leave you second guessing your investment or fall short in addressing your IT requirements. By leveraging our long-standing vendor partnerships, we provide our clients with enterprise class solutions that fit their needs and price point.
We have access to all the latest software solutions to keep your team secure, safe and connected. Our focus is to implement tools to drive efficiency, organization and connection whether you're working in an office or require a remote structure.
Our approach to security is three fold; we focus on prevention, detection and response. As cyber threats increase daily, we work with you to create a security strategy to support and protect your business. As remote work increases, cyber needs do as well. Put the proper systems in place to protect your team.
We offer team solutions that work for your business, giving you the flexibility of working in your office or anywhere you might be without disruption. We offer our NextCloud option, the Microsoft 365 tools that you are familiar with, or other cloud applications. We work with you to make sure we leverage the flexibility and ensure security when working in the cloud. Stay organized, efficient and connected with easy to use solutions for every business.
IT Projects
IT projects of any size can often be challenging at the best of times and throw obstacles at you when you least expect it. Our vast project experience and bench strength of IT professionals can help you achieve success with any IT project you may have scheduled or on your wish list.

During this time we’ve built some pretty awesome relationships

They not only respond quickly and effectively, they seem to genuinely have our best interests and business solutions in mind. I highly recommend Next Digital to anyone in need of computer network support.
Automotive/Body Shop
The experience has been excellent. The Next Digital team has provided fast, efficient and professional service and solutions to our IT needs. Their call in Help Desk is professional and knowledgeable. Their on-site support staff are also excellent and are on-site at least once a week doing maintenance and on-going user support.
Commercial Vehicles
Next Digital has been our IT service provider since 2006. In that period, our information technology platform has undergone a tremendous transformation. Starting with a handful of on-premise physical servers, Next Digital took us through a progression of improvements. I believe that we have today a virtual private cloud infrastructure that is unmatched in our industry.
Financial Services
Next Digital has differentiated themselves with their expertise in learning and dealing with our unique software while at the same time delivering customer service at a level that is virtually non-existent in the world of IT companies. I am continually impressed by Next Digital. Their knowledge, timely service, and professionalism are outstanding
Automotive Sales
Next Digital staff have the ability to communicate on a level commensurate with the client’s technical knowledge, resulting in all parties being on the same page… A component of their recommendations is always 'what is the best way to do this at the lowest possible cost.
Insurance Carrier
Next Digital is a computer service company which differentiates themselves with their expertise in learning and dealing with our unique software, while at the same time delivering customer service at a level that is virtually non-existent in the world of computer service companies.
Automotive Sales

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We are able to build strong relationships with our clients because we believe we have a shared goal. Your goals are our goals.
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