Approximately 1 Million Cyber Attacks Are Attempted Each Day


Whoa. That’s a big number. How is your business protecting itself?

As your IT partner we want to make sure your business’s most sensitive information is safe and out of the hands of cyber criminals. By the end of last year, there was an attack on a business every 14 seconds. 

Digital credentials, such as usernames and passwords connect you and your employees to critical business applications as well as online services. Unfortunately criminals know this – and that’s why digital credentials are among the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web. This is why you need to protect your business from these cyber criminals.

43% of Cyberattacks are aimed at small-medium business

NextGen Security

It’s our responsibility to make you aware of these risks. It’s your responsibility to take action. NextGen Security is a multi-layered plan that includes you. We’re here to help you with end-user awareness and training. 

Whether you are protecting your business from emerging online threats, zero-day vulnerabilities, or educating your users; security and data integrity should be a key component of any ongoing business strategy.

We offer a variety of solutions to provide you with a holistic protection against cyber crime.

End user education
Onsite/offsite data & server image backup
Vulnerability testing
Ransomware protection
Advanced end-point threat protection backed by AI
Intrusion detection
Server and workplace virus detection
Identify Ransomware
Security patch management for servers and workstations
Deletes ransomware and restore encrypted files

The best protection from cyber-security related vulnerabilities is prevention and detection. Vulnerability testing helps us discover weak points and breaches before they become a problem. Average recovery time after a cyberattack on a small business is 6 months; don’t let your network be a liability.

Your Company’s Information in One of It’s Most Valuable Assets. Keeping It Safe Is Our Top Priority.

With so many evolving security threats attempting to infiltrate many organizations for quick financial gain, the topic of security has become front and center for many organizations lately. Large targets of the past are now being passed over by cyber criminals who have turned their sights towards many small and medium-size businesses who sometimes overlook the importance of security by thinking they are too small.

Preparing for the worst does not come naturally to many of us, and as our world becomes more and more connected, the chances of something going wrong increases. An IT related disaster can come in many forms, such as a natural disaster affecting your IT infrastructure, or a system breach that can take down your entire computing system. This in turn impacts the productivity of your organization in the way of downtime to operations and possible breach of trust for your clients or markets that you serve.

We offer flexible security solutions for any size of organization to protect your data and make sure your business can recover from the unexpected with disaster recovery planning, as well as onsite and offsite cloud backup services.

Let us run a complementary test to see how vulnerable your business currently is.

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So Why Worry When You Don’t Have To?

With our cloud backup service, there are no long-term contracts – so you can cancel at any time. With a predictable monthly fee, you can rest easy knowing your files, data and emails are safe and your options remain flexible

Our Back Up Process:
  • No complicated setup or time-intensive work required by you
  • World-class, securely monitored data centre environment
  • Peace of mind knowing your files are protected
  • No long-term contracts
Automatic Offsite Backups For Your Critical Data

Not only will your data be safely offsite, but it will also be secured inside a Tier 3 monitored data centre, complete with fire and flood prevention, redundant power and cooling.

Let Us Keep You Safe

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